Ada Nuggets

A Generative NFT Project Featuring Algorithmically Crispy Nuggets!

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Generative nuggets and delicious sauces living on the Cardano Blockchain.

Ada Nuggets is a generative CNFT project that was grown from the idea of creating a fantastical, light-hearted, and playful product. From the onset, we wanted holders of the project to have a unique token that breaks the mold of other generative projects leveraging layers of PNGs and combinatorics. Our nuggets are generated using a combination of voxelization and rendering techniques to go from a three-dimensional nugget, to a two dimensional nugget. Both the batter vector and algorithimic crispiness factor into how the base shape of the nugget is fried into its final form.

King Space Nug the VII
Princess Nugget of House Soy
Kush Wizard Nug
Nuggo Bandito
Super Nuggio
I'm Just A Simple Spicy Nug
The Kush Witch Nug of the Sauce Swamp
Party Down Under Nugget

A goal of this project is to give holders of Ada Nuggets agency and the ability to modify their nuggets in a fun and unique way. We landed on our custom Dipping System to allow our nuggets to be dipped in any of our sauces. Each nugget can be dipped twice, yes, you can in fact double dip your nuggets, but each sauce is a single use. It will be free to dip, though some ADA is needed to facilitate the transaction (excess ADA will be returned with the dipped nugget) and the sauce CNFT will be consumed. Dipping may have visual and other effects on the nugget, permanently altering it. We're aiming to release dipping functionality soon and will post the details when it is ready.

Batch 1 began minting on October 28th, 2021 and consists of 2667 Nuggets and 666 Sauces. Additional sauces may be airdropped to holders as well and are not included in those counts.

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