Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads
But Here's the Plan

Initial Launch - Q4 2021

The Initial Launch of Ada Nuggets with minting of Batch 1

Air Drop I - Q4 2021

Spooky Sauce was dropped to a total of 17 holders

Revised Website - Q4 2021

Improving our web presence and laying the groundwork for things to come with a proper roadmap and leaderboard

Air Drop II - Q4 2021

Are You Feeling Lucky?

The Dippening - Q4 2021 / Q1 2022

The ability to dip nuggets in sauces to permanently alter them with visual and [REDACTED] effects.

Collabs - Q1 2022 / Q2 2022

We'll be revealing more collaborations we have in the works over time, but some should start dropping in Q4 2021. The Community Nugget Lab is linked at the top as a way of coordinating and opening a line of dialogue with the community.

Epoch Labs Continued Involvement - On Going

As part of the continued commitment to the community, Epoch Labs' For The Greater Good Program will be opening additional areas of involvement and interaction for nugget aficionados. The current most engaging area is the official EPOCH Discord with unlockable channels and roles based on nuggets held.

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