The Guys She Told You Not to Worry About

No, it's not a nugget eating competition - it's a nugget collecting competition! The scores listed below are based on a weighted point rarity system. Each nugget and sauce counts for the following based on its rarity:

  • Mythic 6 Points
  • Legendary 5 Points
  • Epic 4 Points
  • Rare 3 Points
  • Uncommon 2 Points
  • Common 1 Point
  • Limited 3 Points
Dipped nuggets will count for the equivalent sum of the nugget's rarity ranking points and each used sauce's rarity ranking points. This helps ensure that the rarity value is retained when dipping.

Overall Stats

Total Unique HoldersTotal AssetsTotal Rarity Points

Holder Rankings

RankAddressAssetsRarity Score
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